Hi! I am Mattea. I have always loved teaching and went to school for it. I taught in a classroom, specials, and also did curriculum development, which was probably my favorite.


I used to be homeschooled and vowed to never do that with my kids because I missed out on the social aspect. I completed my junior year and senior year at a private school where I met my husband. We started dating after I moved anyway to college. I moved back to Florida, got married and started teaching.


We have two lovely daughters. When my oldest was 3 and I was pregnant with my youngest, we decided that my income simply covered daycare and they would benefit more from my staying home. I also realized that my oldest had interests that were not being met in school and she wanted to do more if she was given the opportunity. I started preschool activities with her while I was home and grew to love it. Found a homeschool preschool group and realized that the lack of socializing was not a problem that I needed to worry about. There was so much out there and even better I was able to make friends with all my kid’s friend’s parents too.


We decided I would homeschool for at least elementary age. We will see where we go and what they want as we age up, but for now, it is one year at a time. I enjoy getting to come up with things and be creative in our teaching. I also enjoy learning right alongside them. I love the freedom of a flexible schedule and a flexible curriculum. We hope to use that flexible schedule to travel more.


Homeschool is a huge part of what I do but I also love to create in whatever spare time I find. I have lots of hobbies like watercolors, acrylics, sewing, journaling, reading and more.  I am also a Painting With a Twist instructor a few times a week. I would like to add travel to the list of active hobbies, but for now, we enjoy frequent Disney trips.

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