What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a clothing styling service. I recently received fix #43. It’s been almost 8 years that they have been styling me and where I get 90% of my clothing now. I do not shop too often for a few reasons. One, I hate looking through racks. Two, I hate trying on clothes at the store and wondering how it would be good with other pieces I have. Thirdly, I used to have a capsule wardrobe and still keep a capsule-style wardrobe that rotates seasonally with all its pieces fitting well together. Lastly, I struggle to find jeans that fit and that I like, and a stitch fix almost always manages to find the fit for my body type. If you have ever wanted to try it out you can get a $25 credit for your first box with my referral link right here.

How Does it Work?

How does it work? For a $20 fee a stylist curates a box of 5 pieces around a style survey that you describe and a note stating what you are looking for. That $20 applies to any pieces that you buy and there is a 25% discount for keeping all 5 pieces. I have been with them so long that I am part of their year subscription and just pay a $49 fee for no styling fees for the whole year.

Tips and Tricks

One thing that I have learned in all my fixes is your first one might be a bust. Let them know. I was able to get a redo and my 2nd definitely understood my style much better. I have heard this from many others. Another thing I learned is to state the things you are looking for in your note, rather than things you do not want. I also ask for the same stylist when I get a rocking ‘keep 5 box’ and keep them for as long as they are styling. The box also comes with a paper with styling ideas. The pieces in the style cards are often available to purchase directly from the app, or they will share other awesome pieces in the store that go with the pieces you already have.

They recently added a feature where you can preview and accept or deny the first pieces. I haven’t been great about checking them, but I do hope I will be better, because the one time I did, I think it made the box even better. 

Reasons not to Love

After my 7 years of boxes I really only have a few downfalls. What you can get is based on what’s in stock in your particular warehouse. I used to get more winter clothes than I needed in Florida, but they opened some new warehouses, and feel like the service doesn’t suffer from this anymore.

I wish they did bathing suits like some other styling services do, but they do have undergarments and pajamas that you can get as extra’s how. Perhaps that will be available in the future. 

The biggest complaint I hear when I suggest this is that it is expensive. You are definitely not going to get $5 and $10 tops and $20 jeans. My tops are typically $30-$60 and bottom $55-$90 and these are on the cheapest end. I have however done a study on my price per wears. When I have an $80 pair of jeans that I wear multiples weeks when it’s cooler and still have 5 years later, its price per wait is cheaper than the $20 pair of jeans that stretched out by the 5th wear and I don’t own after 2 years. One day I would love to explain the price per wear, but that means I need to start tracking again, for at least a year. For now here is my fix #43.

Every box comes with an awesome style card and a personalized note. If you are looking for ways to style the pieces, this is a great way to get ideas. I also love the personal notes that addresses the requests I made. 

Mason & Belle - Layla Button Detail Dress $48

I love the cut of this dress and my stylist knows this. I will almost always gravitate towards it. I loved the extra button details which makes it different than my other dresses. It was a keeper. 

Lush - Devon Knot Front Cami Blouse $38
STS Blue - Aubrey Mid Rise Shorts $39

I requested a pair of new denim shorts because I needed a new pair. These fit amazing and were different from my other denim shorts that are cuffed. 
The shirt is shorter than I normally wear, but it was the only item I wasn’t sure about, and cheaper to keep it after the keep all 5 discount. I am feeling more confident to wear it these days, so I plan to rock it. 

Nine Britton - Vivienne Knit Midi Dress $54

I asked for a LBD that was a little more form-fitting for a bachelorette weekend I was attending. It was not pure black, but honestly, it was purely me. I am not one to wear straight black that often so the floral detail really was my style. It was more fitted them my normal dress but still had this faux split that covered my mom belly perfectly. 

Papermoon - Basima Back Detail Knit Top $30

I asked for my fun tops for my trip too and this one was perfect. I forgot to photograph the fun criss-cross back, but you can see it in the style card. I loved it so much that I have already worn it multiple times. 


Because I kept all 5 items, I got the 25% discount, so all these prices were cut. 

Love what you see? Try it out with this referral link and we each get a $25 credit for our box and get your own personally styled box. 

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