How are we loving kid’s Stitch Fix boxes? They have not disappointed us one bit! They are still a twice-a-year treat because we do not need complete wardrobes with all our friend sharing hand-me-downs with us, but it is the best birthday and half-birthday gifts for a seasonal refresh with unique pieces. This is Isla’s box from her “I am five and a half years old now” winter box. 

If you like it and want to get your own box for yourself or your child, check out this link to get $25 towards it. You can always get a more in-depth explanation of how it works here

Bailey Lane - The Peplum Long Sleeve Top + Legging set - $34

Capelli New York - Sutton Slip on Sneaker - $24

This was the most expensive outfit of the bunch but it is oh so cute!!! The inside of the set is so soft, it was Isla who showed excitement for it. Sadly it was only cold enough one day for us here. It is big enough that it should fit when we take a vacation to a cold place later this year. That is if she only has one growth spurt in between. 
These shoes are perfect with the little cheetah faces on them. She loves cats and especially wild cat prints. They are also easy to get on, so she has worn them a lot! 

Passport- Marisol Roll Tab Shirt - $20

Revery Kids - Stassi Roll Cuff Skinny Jean - $24

Look at her little toe point! 
These jeans were a little long for her and we didn’t have a lot of cold weather to wear them, but they will be perfect for next year too. They have a lot of stretch, so they are comfortable for kids. 
The plaid top makes her feel like her big sister with her layers. This will also fit her next year but rolls up nicely for this season. 

Rumi + Ryder - The Everyday Graphic Tee - $14

Rumi + Ryder - The Basic Legging - $14

R+R - The Teddy Yarn Hooded Cardigan - $30

Isla loves dinosaurs! Sometimes she gets shy and will not admit it, but deep down she always does and you can see it on her face here. This shirt is the perfect tee for her and goes great with these leggings. The cardigan is so soft. I wish that I could have one in my own size. It matches the same so well. She is a little teddy dinosaur! 

Rumi + Ryder - Esme Long Sleeve Skater Pocket Dress - $26

This dress matches the same print as her leggings from the last outfit. She was thrilled to see it and I love that it gives her the girly dino vibe. It has pockets too! She has worn leggings under this dress too, and it was so fun. She cannot deny that she loves dinosaurs, at least for now. 

Chenault Girl - 3/4 Slv Striped Glitter Mesh Skirt - $30

This was the other dress in the box that satisfies her girlier side. She doesn’t always go this route, but she is starting to branch into the tutus and layers and has pulled this dress out a few times. She has also learned that wearing dresses means that there is less for her to fold. I mentioned it once to her and suddenly more dresses show up in the laundry basket. 

Limited too - 3-pack Knit Legging - $24

The last item in the box was a set of leggings that we definitely needed for the cooler days and under her dresses. These were nice and simple and had good colors to match a lot. 


We loved the whole box, she kept everything which resulted in the 25% discount and which brought all the pieces to less than $12 apiece. Well worth the box, considering it had shoes and dresses too. 

If you are interested in a box for yourself or your little one, check it out here

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