Recently, I have picked up the pleasure of thrifting for my clothes. Reusing and keeping clothing out of the trash, is always a good thing. That being said, I will not give up Stitch Fix, because it is the only way that I really successfully get any bottoms. Once again, I asked for a new pair of denim shorts to replace some old ones in the closet. I also asked for tops to go with them and new sandals. They added a surprise dress that I fell in love with. Always a fun piece of mail to receive. If you would like to know more about how Stitch Fix boxes work, check it out here

Kaileigh - Valette Black Detail Cold Shoulder Knit Top - $39

Judy Blue - Calem High Rise Cuffed Denim Short - $49

MIA - Addilynn Fabric Knot Sandal - $51

They delivered exactly the shorts I needed and asked for. I wanted a pair of new denim shorts for this summer, that were not distressed or dark wash. I already have those, but my lighter pair is close to being retired. These shorts fit perfectly and will get a lot of use this summer! This cold shoulder style top is a style I love. I also love floral, but I should probably make a note because I get a lot now that I love it so much. I enjoy plain tops too. These sandals were on my style board because I loved their looks online. I am so glad that Sidney added it to my box. MIA sandals have a cushion on the bottom which is the only way I can survive in sandals now with all my foot problems. These are going to get great use over the summer. 

41 Hawthorn - Beatriz Scallop Detail Dress - $70

This Dress!!! I would not have picked up a dress with this structure or print. I also would not have picked up a dress for this price. I am so glad that they included it in my box. The price was not a factor after the 25% discount for keeping all 5 pieces, which spoiler alert, I was going to do. The discount was $62 so basically the dress was covered and I would justify it. The material had some stretch, so the more structured shape still worked for me. The neckline has a subtle scallop that added so much interest and I really loved it. Best of all, it has pockets!! They also have a scalloped edge. I wore this dress almost immediately to see Mean Girls. I added a pink cardigan over it, to be on theme and warm indoors. 

Beacon- Niomie Surplice Knit Tanks - $39

The shorts and sandals are the same as the first outfit. The tank top was another top that I asked for. Not this tank specifically, but a summer tank. I love that it is olive, a color I would like more of in my closet. It fits perfectly with the sandals. The faux wrap cut is also a cut that I feel really comfortable in because it drapes well over my chest and is not too tight on my mid-section, but also does just hang. Another favorite summer top! 

My stylist, Sidney, knocked it out of the park for me with this box. I am always thankful. In the last 9 years and 51 boxes, I have found this to be a very worthwhile treat and addition to my closet. If you would like to try it out this link with give you $25 towards your first box.
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