I asked for a fix of shirts and shorts and something fun and this time Avery delivered! I love being able to try them on in the comfort of my home and see if the pieces work with others in my closet. If you want more information about how Stich Fix works, check out my first post on it. 

Daniel Rainn - Torres Split Neck Knit Top $58

Market & Spruce - Camellia High Rise Utility Short $58

I loved everything about this top. I knew I wanted it immediately. I love the feathery prints and the crochet details on the neck. I love the details that stitch fix items give me. The material was also perfect and breathable. These shorts were high rise and unfortunately too small. I love the color, because I don’t have any of this color, its a favorite of mine to wear, and it works well with this shirt. Thankfully it was easy to mail it back and they sent me the next size up that fit perfectly. Now, I can add a new color to my shorts collection! 

West Kei - Allura Knot Detail Blouse $44

Liverpool - Johnny Short $68

This shirt is the kind of silky material that I cannot wear in the summer at the parks, but I like it and it’s the only piece I was iffy on. With the 25% discount when you buy all five, it made sense to keep it until it cools down. 
I love Liverpool shorts. These have a longer seam then I often wear, but sometimes I need a little length. 

Kaileigh - Rica Knit Crop Jumpsuit $58

This was my surprise piece. I am not sure when I will wear it, but I like to have a fun pieces ready for an event, because I don’t like the stress of shopping for an occasion. I like to shop my closet! Maybe it will be special occasion, or maybe it will just be a family weekend out. It can’t be for anything outdoor for the next three months because I find that I easily overheat now. 

Thanks for checking out my latest box. I am taking a little SF break until winter because I am fully stocked and need to do a closet clean out instead of shopping! My closet is full and recent changes mean I cannot wear certain pieces or can’t fit into my ‘skinny’ pieces. I am not one who likes to hold on to them until I fit, because it might be a while. My physical needs to take care of my chronic pain outweighs fitting into those pieces, and it’s much easier to wear dresses and bottoms that pull on. I have already donated some and shipped a box to Thread Up, so the room in being made. 

If you want to try Stitch Fix in the mean time, use this referral code and we each get a credit for our fix! 

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